Recently I spent some good ‘ol quality time thrift store shopping with a couple of my friends. They were on a mission to find items to help along their cos-play outfits for ALA (Anime Los Angeles), while I was on a mission to find items that suited my fancy. I ended up w/a huge haul of clothing (to be shared in an upcoming post) but what really caught my eye was the amazing furniture I found.

Anyone who knows me, should know this: I LOVE mid-century furniture. I am not talking inspired, modern mid-century furniture that you can buy from West Elm (though I am not completely opposed to it - if you like it, buy it). I am talking actual vintage. Granted, I like almost any kind of vintage, but it’s mid century that catches my wandering eye.

One of the thrift stores we visited was Diego’s Thrift Store. Split into very clean and organized sections, Diego’s was definitely a shop that carried both vintage and more current findings/donations. They seem to know what they are doing. Thankfully, they recognize the need for a deal so they offer the best prices, and a sign near the door boldly announces that you can make an offer. How cool is that?!

Anyway, as I headed into the second half of the store that housed the furniture, the first thing that caught my eye was this bright orange sectional that I knew would be PERFECT in my dream home. I couldn’t peel my eyes away from it! Sadly… I am in no position to be buying any furniture (it was around $300 and in what seemed to be near perfect condition), especially if I do not have a place to call my own (yet).

As I browsed the selection I found another great piece: a sleek, minimalistic, glass door cabinet fit for a bachelor pad. Paired w/the sectional I was enamored with? It was pure love! And of course the cabinet was at a great price (around $50) and only needed some TLC. Just a few scratches that are quick fixer-upers.

Those were the only items I snapped photos of because I knew I would be in trouble if I didn’t head back into the section w/affordable and more practical things to my life! I eventually went online and found a photo of the sectional on Diego’s website - which by the way - is as clean and organized as the store itself!

One day, I will have a space to call my own - and a similar sectional or couch that will be in it along w/complimentary cabinetry. For now I will continue to dream and post my findings on Tumblr and Pinterest.

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